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Robin Advisory & Analytics Pte Ltd (RobinAA) is a bespoke outfit of highly specialised consultants who were drawn towards the vision of implementing advanced strategies and insights of multi-nationals into the small business space. At RobinAA, our team is aligned by our common belief that every multi-national corporation was first a small business, and to grow any economy, their small business must flourish.

Nimble, Lean, and Flexible, RobinAA strives to be the perfect fit for each committed client they partner with. From malls to new business launches, our consultants have experience coaching new business to take off to adding significant 7 figure revenue spikes to established companies.

Whether your company is struggling to overcome a specific operational hurdle or is seeking expert guidance in achieving its goals, RobinAA has the expertise your business needs. No business should be denied access to the insights of success, discover sustainable success with Robin Advisory & Analytics.

Our Services

Business Model Structure & Strategy

A sound foundation for a business is only possible with a solid system in place. With a solid blueprint and articulated Vision, the business will increase in its robustness that exceeds simple efficiency and achieve a true competitive edge.

Brand Positioning & Strategy

A brand exists only the minds of the consumers; Brand building is more than just a logo redesign or a re-naming exercise. A well-positioned brand occupies a unique niche in the mind of their consumers and enjoys instant recall. Brand crafting is a process that has to start with stakeholder alignment which can be a delicate affair. RobinAA is experienced with not only working with multi-nationals but also with family based businesses. RobinAA is proud of their success through effective communication with all levels of an organization.

Executive Training & Coaching

A business that values their team is a business that values their shareholders and customers. From our extensive experience working with high-level performers, RobinAA has discovered that many challenges evaporate once their key leaders are properly equipped. Too many challenges are from under-valued and trained team members.

Decide to give your shareholders the very best of your company, sharpen your team.


Only business with expansion in mind can achieve a meaningful measure of success. Should your organization be ready to seek a new level of elevation into a new market, launching new products and seeking an experienced consultation, RobinAA is a ready partner.

Having overseen various large scale M&A projects and expanded into new regions and whole new countries, RobinAA is experienced and equipped to share the precise expertise for your unique business.

Singapore is a niche market, and our resources are portable and nimble. RobinAA is equipped with proven strategies in market expansion beyond Singapore. A strong presence in Malaysia and China has tipped the scales in our client’s favor in numerous occasions for international and regional expansion.


Performance Measurement & Management And Growth Accelaration

As the adage goes, what gets measured gets done. As your organization expands and increase in complexity and capabilities, it is easy for the director to get overwhelmed by vague and bias reports from the ground.

The difference between multi-nationals and small business is the robustness of their systems. With proven expertise from industry experts, RobinAA will be on hand to craft and implement the systems to scale your business to greater heights.

Discover how the various aspects of your organization can be objectively accessed via cloud based and easy to implement tools.

Remove the uncertainty today with technology and tools leveraged by industry leaders easily with an experienced guide from RobinAA. Get clarity and your team will experience the organization’s purpose.

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Meet Our Team



Energetic and experienced, RobinAA’s lead consultant has extensive business advisory background. Having earned his stripes at a development institution in one of Asia’s economic powerhouses and completed a stint at one of the big four accounting firms in the same country...



Chief Financial Officer

Alex Lew is a Chief Financial Officer charterholder with experience working in Fintech start ups, VCs and in government agencies. He started his career in the Singapore Economic Development Board and was the past president for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, ...



Tax Advisor

Roy is an Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax / GST). He has more than 17 years of Singapore and International tax experience. He was previously with Arthur Anderson, Lenovo Group and Sembcorp. Roy was most recently Tax Partner at PKF-CAP Advisory Partners Pte Ltd.



Marketing Consultant

Vernon is a dynamic individual with a zest for life and learning. Formally trained in sociology in Singapore and educated in politics in Switzerland, the neuro linguistic specialist decided to bring his multidisciplinary approach of analysing businesses to local small busine...



Project Manager

With advanced degrees in Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Fine Arts (Photography), and years of experience in systems and project management, Dale brings his extensive problem-solving skill set to any situation. Dale was also privileged to have been a key IT...



Indo-China Expert Consultant

Having created multiple businesses in various industries ranging from Education, Retail, Business, Marketing, Media, and Facade Engineering, Desmond is intimately familiar with both the local and Vietnam market. With more than 16 years of experience in the construction indus...



Principal Consultant

Khengwah Koh is a forward-thinking consultant with strong capabilities in managing ideas from concept through to successful commercial launch and growth. He has 20 years of international experience in senior roles with leading multi-national brands, including HTC, Nokia and ...



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